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None of this would be possible without the encouragement and support of our many dear friends and family. You know who you are, and we love you all!

You can buy the CD packages instead of streaming or downloading tracks! Just email us at
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For our third CD, we've recorded a set of original material. Brian wrote the music, and we collaborated on the arrangements. It was a joy to put together!

Our deepest thanks to the other member of our team--our producer and recording engineer Willy Seekamp of Beast of Baden Studio. This is our third CD with Willy--and Willy, you're the greatest!

Thanks also to the artist Charlotte Seekamp for her wonderful painting "At Sea #1," which appears on the cover. To check out her other work, go to!

First CD cover.jpg

The songs we chose for this CD reflect where we're at now, musically and in life. Some are longtime favorites, while others are more recent discoveries.

Two songs are original compositions.

"For Frances and Valerie" honors the lives and spirits of our beloved mothers.

"Jasmer the Healer" was written for a gifted doctor and friend, Robert Jasmer, who diagnosed and treated Brian during a serious illness.

Kudos to:

Our wonderful producer/engineer, Willy Seekamp of Beast of Baden Studios. Willy made this recording project a joy.

Our great friend and gifted photographer Lynn Friedman, for the great cover photo. Check out some of her other photos of Blue City Jazz on our Photos page!

Cover cropped resized.jpg

Our latest CD combines traditional Christmas carols with modern holiday standards. 

Heartfelt thanks go to:

Willy Seekamp of Beast of Baden Studios, for his peerless professionalism, creativity, and generosity.

Joel Fontaine, dear friend and artist beyond category, for his beautiful artwork on our CD. See more of his incredible art at!

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